Date Published: 
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Professor Bruce Arroll discusses pre-diabetes and preventing progression to type 2 diabetes. Bruce is a GP in South Auckland, director of the Goodfellow Unit and a Professor in General Practice at the University of Auckland.




  • The role of diet, exercise, weight loss and medication in preventing progression to type 2 diabetes.
  • Assessing and managing cardiovascular risk.
  • Health equity issues (risk groups).
  • Integrated care within the primary care setting  (patient, community and primary health care providers).


Take home messages

  • Pre-diabetes is significant AND adds to the health burden in NZ.
  • Proactive management from the primary healthcare team can help the patient prevent or delay the progression to T2DM.
  • Assess and manage cardiovascular risk in a timely proactive manner.
  • Consider a multi-faceted well supported management plan; include diet, exercise, weight loss and consider use of metformin.
  • A culturally appropriate community wrap-around service is the ideal model.





Prof. Bruce Arroll
General Practitioner

To contact Bruce Click here.




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