Resilience, avoiding burnout, and team work in primary care - David Kuhl

Date Published: 
Monday, May 29, 2017

Professor David Kuhl talks about resilience and team work in primary care. David is a Professor in the Departments of Family Practice and Urologic Sciences, Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.



  • All of us are 'limited resources'
  • Keeping resilient
  • Work resilience, and relationships in the workplace
  • Team cohesion, don't just 'focus on the task'
  • Team scapegoats within dysfunctional teams
  • Using mediation/facilitation


Take home messages

  • We are all limited resources and we need to 'manage' how we allocate ourselves.
  • Key foundations of resilience are sleep, exercise, diet, social contact:
    • sleep 7-9 hrs per 24 hour period
    • diet
    • exercise - 30 min per day to prevent mental and physical illness
    • important social connections - in and outside of family.
  • Pride in who we are as a group (healthcare teams) is important.
  • Team cohesion includes:
    • trust
    • conflict
    • commitment
    • accountability
    • results.


  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Team Assessment By (author)  Patrick M. Lencioni
    Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc ISBN10 1118127307 ISBN13 9781118127308



Prof. David Kuhl
Family Practice and Urologic Sciences

To contact David Click here.



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