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How does Polyvagal show up in the real world? 

How does Polyvagal show up in the real world? 

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Polyvagal Theory is becoming common language in coaching and therapy.  Understanding of the three hierarchical components, triggers and glimmers, regulation and neuroception, are now forms of language many are familiar with.

Knowing the Theory and recognising how Polyvagal Theory shows up in practice however, requires a practical working knowledge and years of case study reflection. Only then can we start to sense and feel the profound implications of working at this level.

Using a range of case studies from her practice, Suzanne will share how she uses her adapted autonomic ladder (which is integrated with other fields of study) and how she has used this in a busy coaching practice to assist clients with emotional regulation, creating positive change and healing a range of issues from stress, anxiety, leaky gut, SI Joint pain and chronic high blood pressure.

This session is ideal for anyone wanting to work with and explore the more systemic and complex elements of polyvagal theory and reflecting on how this might have shown up in their own practice.