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Case study: Lightning Process® for Long Covid

Case study: Lightning Process® for Long Covid

Session Date:

This session is a repeat of the 9.35 clinic.

Bruce and Jenny will present a 53-year-old woman Amber Older, who will be present at the conference.

Amber was developing Long Covid and was not able to do a full week of work. She was very sensitive to light and noise and could not sleep without medication.  Long Covid is now seen as a mind-body condition that can get better with non-drug therapies such as CBT.

Amber did the lightning process for her Long Covid. She started improving from day one and a few weeks later was back to full functioning.

You’ll learn...

  • Exactly what LP is, why does it work so quickly, and how is it used? (Backed by a RCT for Chronic Fatigue in adolescents).
  • Data from the first patients to get the LP for Long Covid (there are no RCTs yet).
  • A mention of the CBT trial that was effective for Long Covid.
  • A useful, easy to learn process/technique to make change in any moment.
  • How to reset and regulate your nervous system to stay consistently in the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • How to transition out of flight, flight, freeze.  
  • How to replace limiting beliefs with more useful ones.
  • Key language patterns to transform thinking and behaviour. Yes, words really do matter.
  • How to stay calm in specific areas of life – sleep, being around others, in work situations, recreation.
  • How to put all this into real life: Fast, sustainable change.  

All questions answered.